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Only 50 Gifts of $100 needed to empower the future. Will you be a source of hope today?

Gifts of Hope:
Healing Hearts, Empowering Futures

Stand in solidarity with students in communities that are vulnerable to gun violence and mothers grieving the loss of their children to senseless acts of violence. Your contribution provides crucial support, from workshops and classes for affected students to empowerment programs for grieving mothers, fostering healing and resilience. Together, let's sow seeds of hope and empower futures free from the shadow of violence.

ROYS is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.


Help increase ROYS' impact in 2024!


We mentored 15 students in 2024. This can increase by up to 30% with additional support.

Professional development 

We aim to provide students with opportunities for workshops aimed at acquiring essential life skills, including financial literacy and more.

Social Enhancement

Thanks to the generous support of ROYS' founder, students have embarked on one trip, and with further assistance, they can partake in other meaningful activities.

Read About Our Initiatives:

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One-time gift
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Become A Partner

Commit to sustaining impactful programs for students and mothers through recurring giving.

  • Best Value

    Future Builder

    Every month
    Empowers vulnerable students and grieving mothers for a safer, hopeful tomorrow.
  • Heart Healer

    Every month
    Your generosity brings comfort and renewal to those affected by violence.
  • Hope Sower

    Every month
    As a Hope Sower, you plant the seeds of resilience and empowerment for students and mothers in need.
  • Guardian of Hope

    Every month
    Provides unwavering support for those impacted by gun violence, a beacon of hope in the darkness.
Become a partner
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